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Service Introduction

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    Excellent sourcing ability

    We offer hard-to-find components,
    discontinued components,
    or components
    that have problems with delivery,
    and accurately
    according to customer needs.

    If you process a lot of different orders,
    it is difficult for all orders to be delivered normally
    within a delivery time.
    Therefore, supply and demand
    in a market are inevitably unstable.
    Stable supply of products is a common requirement
    of all customers,
    and we need a reliable supplier
    that can deliver products as quickly
    and accurately as possible according to customer needs.

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    We, CH Global, have formed strategic alliances
    with domestic and overseas suppliers
    to supply
    accurate components in a timely manner
    according to the requests of
    more than 3,000 overseas
    and are converting all information
    into data so that we can respond immediately
    to customer requests.

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    1. Professional
      sales team

      CH Global specializes in supplying electronic components
      all over the world
      through its Busan headquarters,
      Seoul branch, and German branch, and the largest
      and most skilled sales team in the same industry
      in Korea provides the service.

    2. Direct access

      Through our extensive search database,
      we are able to
      and accurately identify
      insufficient electronic
      and directly
      access over 300,000 handleable
      at home and abroad.

    3. Large amount of

      In addition, we have a large amount of inventory for
      components with long delivery times
      and are continuously
      responding to domestic
      and overseas customers.

    Product Inquiry

    For components, please contact us directly
    on our website or by phone or email.
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    Unused inventory purchase
    inventory management integrated system

    We immediately purchase, manage,
    and exhaust a customer’s unused inventory.

    Do you have unused inventory
    that you no longer use?

    As trends in electronic components change so rapidly,
    it is becoming increasingly difficult and fastidious
    to predict
    and accurately secure inventory for production.
    As a result, many companies,
    from manufacturers to OEMs,
    have large quantities of electronic components
    that are no longer needed or have been discontinued
    to produce.

    Our company, CH Global, can help purchase
    and exhaust inventories for unused items that are no longer in use!

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    CH Global has a specialized team to solve problems
    related to over-produced or
    components or over-stock.
    Our dedicated team purchases inventory
    for disposal and manages it through our own program.
    You can secure the necessary warehouse space
    for long-term inventory components,
    purchase components in cash,
    or offer the inventory list
    you sent to prominent overseas partners
    to exhaust the inventory at once.

    Sending an up-to-date inventory list
    to our inventory staff can help you

    • Materials that can be purchased
      are processed
      after advance payment
    • Reduce material holding costs
      for companies
    • Reduce the time and cost of
      managing surplus inventory

    Inventory purchase inquiry

    Send us your inventory list by email or call
    our company staff and we will take care of it right away.
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    Delivery order
    management system

    Save money, save time
    and increase productivity!

    How can we keep our production lines under control
    while reducing annual costs?

    If you schedule an order through CH Global,
    you can secure the electronic components
    you need throughout a year.
    1. We provide management and convenience
      for our clients
      by placing orders up to 12 months
      in advance to secure inventory.
    2. Customers can avoid shortage situations
      due to delivery problems
      and receive stable unit prices
      and convenience of inventory throughout a year.

    Advantages of using
    the CH Global’s
    order management system

    1. + plus 1

      Minimization of unit price fluctuations
      through stable inventory delivery time

    2. + plus 2

      managed by an accurate system
      and kept for only one customer

    We can provide our services by stocking up
    on a year’s worth of our customers.

    After checking your company’s expected order volume for several years,
    we start a delivery order system.
    In addition, in the event of an increase in volume, additional volumes can be procured
    at any time
    through our global procurement network
    and verified supplier database,
    and we store and supply large amounts of
    available inventory on your behalf.

    In addition, we have authorized distributors overseas
    with more than 15 years of partnership,
    and we can provide you
    with the best price by leveraging our global purchasing power.

    Not only do we move quickly after confirming your production plan,
    but because we immediately purchase one year’s worth of inventory,
    we can save money and provide other efficiencies,
    significantly improving your business profits
    and cash flows.

    Once stock is secured, it is moved to a warehouse
    where it is stored
    until it is delivered
    to your production line immediately when needed.

    Please do not worry about delivery any more.
    Please never worry about price fluctuations anymore.


    If you have any inquiries, please contact us
    by phone or email
    and we will get back to you
    as soon as possible.
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    Quality management system

    Reduce risk with quality inspections by highly trained industry engineers
    and inspectors, including logistics
    and supplier management,
    counterfeit checking and inspection.

    CH Global has a confidence of
    our customers’ trusts
    and our long-standing suppliers’ trusts,
    including our know-how
    in industry-leading component testing
    and quality standards.

    We make significant investments in testing technology,
    procedures and quality inspection.
    Our highly trained, industry-leading,
    know-how staff visually inspect items
    upon arrival
    and ensure
    that their quality meets
    the highest standards.
    We have several anti-counterfeiting techniques available,
    including testing and cutting testing.
    All of them, combined with our strict
    anti-counterfeiting policy,
    provide a one-year warranty
    within one year of purchase
    if components delivered to your company
    will not meet the manufacturer’s standards.
    Our suppliers initiate a transaction
    through a process below

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      All must go through a formal
      qualification check process
      for authorized distributors,
      specialized dealers,
      and major buyers.

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      Selections are made based
      on the above data,
      and we directly
      and hold a meeting with
      a supplier
      to check whether
      a product
      is supplied
      by the supplier.

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      It is a reason why we visit direct
      to determine
      a supplier’s suitability
      for partnering.

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      Those data will then be reviewed
      by the Supplier Review Committee.

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      After a meeting of the Supplier
      Review Committee,
      it is reviewed
      whether it is suitable for
      a transaction
      with our company
      and to be based on the evaluation
      of the Committee, business
      with the supplier
      will be initiated.

    Through that strategic analysis,
    we only deal with reliable suppliers,
    meet the needs of our customers,
    and seek continuous improvement
    to meet the needs and expectations
    of our customers in the future.

    Transparency is paramount in good
    distributor-manufacturer relationships.
    As an industry leader, it is our social responsibility
    to share our extensive knowledge,
    experience and research findings
    with our customers and strategic partners.
    Our data helps us protect our customers
    and maintain ongoing business with our partners.

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    CH Global will do our best to provide
    the best products and services
    in the industry.

CH Global
  • Headquarters: 1405, 71 Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 48059, Republic of Korea

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  • E-mail: sales@chgco.com

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  • E-mail: sales@chgco.com

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